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House with 2 cats comic strip ^o^/

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Episode 100 – Hard to be a cat!

Ah…. the 100th strip features Ginko doing something unglam :P Oops LOL!

Thanks for staying with us! :)

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Episode 99 – Lonely…

Being away from family is hard, and pets are family too!

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Episode 98 – Yoshi’s exercise is less to be desired =_=

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Episode 97 – Queen Ginko’s tips on how she maintains her figure…

Ironically Ginko’s fur makes her look chubbier than she is! Yoshi has a slimmer and slightly longer body, and is actually slightly heavier compared to Ginko ^^;

And Ginko usually never fails to run around the coffee table/furnitures many times while I prepare food ^^;

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Episode 96 – Queen of the house…

Queen Ginko holds a lot of power over Papa… :P

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Episode 95 – Camera shy?

I take many many photos of Ginko and Yoshi everyday (and sometimes videos), to the point they are probably sick of it :P

Especially Ginko! Everytime she’s doing something silly, or looking cute, when I point the camera at her she would turn away =_=;

Time to time my efforts are rewarded by cute videos tho! :) Below is Yoshi caught meowing with an ikea mouse in his mouth!

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Episode 94 – Spied someone walking their cat outside before!

Unfortunately one can only dream :P Ginko is too skittish and Yoshi is a little too careless to be out and about even with harness or leash ^^;

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Episode 93 – Sneaky Ginko…

Ginko would do anything to get to her favorite toy… even if it meant breaking the house laws… lol This is also inspired by a true story XD Ginko actually managed to run down the stairs with the brand new in packaging toys… =_=;

If you must know, she isn’t supposed to be on the shelf XD

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