Wut? It’s been a year since last update? Chun’s totally in the Poop list now :P

Ginko is not impressed with this “annual tradition” :P

She looks a bit resigned to her fate tho :P

But… Yoshi looks so cute lol

Neither is Yoshi…

Thank you for following us on instagram and our fb page

What it’s Christmas already?! Uh oh… Chun’s gonna get a huge sack of something something for doing this again :P No meows are harmed in the taking of these photos okay ^^;

Ginko Do Not Want her photos taken :P Yoshi just want that little ball

Yoshi looks like a heart no? :)

The secret behind this photo is he was taking a nap :P

So handsome… and he knows it!

Ginko will most likely kill me in my sleep :P

Ginko, totally Do Not Want :P

The best picture I could take before she started shaking the hat around and running away ^^;

Have a Wonderful Christmas! Last year, Ginko was the more cooperative one XD

Stay safe and have fun, hope you get plenty of treats :3

One more behind the scene ;P

Goofy side of Princess Ginko :)

Sorry for the lack of updates here, we have almost daily photos of Ginko and Yoshi, and etc… on Chun’s instagram @puppychun^^/

A couple new Ginko and Yoshi products on zazzle! :D

I edited the original photo (see below) taken of Yoshi and Ginko squished in a box.

Made it in the order of Ginko then Yoshi XD – since it’s usually how we address them ;) And removed the background and adjusted the box :3

And then….
Tote bag : Click to access ^o^

Teeshirt : Click to access :D

Sorry, fell behind the postings, I hope to catch up eventually when I have time x_x! I am currently very busy with a couple up coming events in August!

I will be selling some Ginko and Yoshi art buttons (among other designs etc) at Anime Revolution Vancouver 22 -25 August :) Booth number: 24 ^o^/

Meanwhile if you miss Ginko and Yoshi you can follow our instagram under puppychun for the latest – almost daily photos :D

Princess Ginko <3

Goofy Yoshi XD

Thanks for looking!

Episode 106 – Glutton for punishment…

It’s funny how we always create more things to do… for the cats (LOL)

Episode 105 – The glutton in Yoshi…

The interesting thing is, before we converted the cats to raw food, they used to have dry kibble and Ginko could eat those in record time! I think currently also due to that we needed to mix medication (to control epilepsy) for Ginko, it definitely affected her eating speed too x_x

Episode 104 – The ROCK…

Sometimes we get a backache when we wake up due to being trapped in odd sleep postures by the cat(s)… ^^;

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