I am slowly uploading the comic strips to http://tapastic.com/series/House-with-2-cats, I hope it makes it easier for you to view online or with the app on your idevices! Please like and share if you enjoyed the comics :D Thank you!

If you haven’t been able to catch up with the older comic strips from the beginning, now it should be a lot easier when you click on “COMIC STRIP” next to the “ABOUT” page :3

House with 2 cats comic strip ^o^/

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Episode 106 – Glutton for punishment…

It’s funny how we always create more things to do… for the cats (LOL)

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Episode 105 – The glutton in Yoshi…

The interesting thing is, before we converted the cats to raw food, they used to have dry kibble and Ginko could eat those in record time! I think currently also due to that we needed to mix medication (to control epilepsy) for Ginko, it definitely affected her eating speed too x_x

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Episode 104 – The ROCK…

Sometimes we get a backache when we wake up due to being trapped in odd sleep postures by the cat(s)… ^^;

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Episode 103 – Hiding place…

Sometimes it feels that one cat is trying to hide the toys from the other :)

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Episode 102 – Let’s play Sherlock…

It takes a lot of observation to be able to guess what mischief each cat was up to :P Time to time we were fooled haha!

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Episode 101 – Let’s cut off blood circulation with cats… lol

Ginko and Yoshi are very sensitive to loud sounds, they don’t like the doorbell very much :P

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Episode 100 – Hard to be a cat!

Ah…. the 100th strip features Ginko doing something unglam :P Oops LOL!

Thanks for staying with us! :)

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Episode 99 – Lonely…

Being away from family is hard, and pets are family too!

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